Cape Cod Rainbow Hunt

The CCRH started as an idea likely in Italy. I heard about it happening in NY from some dear friends there. I love community, art projects, and rainbows so HECK I had to try this out. Someone suggested on Facebook we need a page so the Cape Cod Rainbow Hunt was born.

The Stay-at-Home order still allows for you to take a walk or drive as long as you practice social distancing. Look for rainbows around your region! It's fun for kids and adults alike!

What to do:

1) Make a Rainbow to display in a window or porch. Get creative with it! Maybe it's painted, or colorful clothing on a line!

2) Share your Rainbow here & on your timeline so others join! Tag us on Instagram too at @CapeCodRainbow and use the hashtag #CapeCodRainbowHunt

3) Starting on Tuesday 3/31/20 If you go for a walk or drive count the rainbows in your neighborhood! Take pictures of your rainbow or your favorites and post them here!

4) Add your Rainbow to the Rainbow Connection Map! Rainbow Connection Map below!

Hopefully this gives us something fun and bright to do, and while it's "for the kids" We are looking forward to seeing your rainbows & creativity!

Our Front Door Rainbow

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