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When embarking on a new adventure it can be a bit overwhelming.​ 

The good news, I've been there and I know the way! Capitalize on my marketing, fundraising and organizing skills to your advantage.

Listen, everyone loves a menu, so here yah go.

 Personal Branding Menu 

Resume Review

Digital Footprint

Website Review

Career Mapping

Where to Start?

Find some direction

Wherever you are in the filmmaking process, you can always use a little help refocusing your ideas.

Don't forget, filmmaking is a TEAM sport. I can help you build your team, and coach you through.

 Film Consulting Menu 

Pitch Deck Review / Creation

Line Producing | Budget Planning

Marketing Planning

Problem Solving Session

1 on 1 Career Training

And yes, you can crew up with me too. 


Production Manager

Production Coordinator

Voice Over Artist

 Set Life Menu 


Ok you've heard enough. Book me!

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