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Production Crew

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You & Your Story Forward


Hi, I'm Alecia, your friendly neighborhood Producer, Production Manager and general hearder of cats.

Sometimes you need an outside perspective. Other times you need someone on the inside to help you navigate the way forward. When we work together, I am your eyes and ears in the places you need them. (That sounds good right? Yah I wrote that!)

What Can We Do For You?

Let's get organized. You have better things to do.

Voice Over

Need a VO? Looking for the NPR voice, or maybe a squeaky alien? I have you covered.


Line Producer for hire. Happy to help you navigate the dollars to get your film on the right footing.


If you haven't considered your marketing stradtegy, this is your sign to do it.

Graphic Design

Need a logo, pitch deck or full blown campaign? We do that!

Public Speaking

Alecia is available to speak to your school group, office or other organization on a number of topics.


Hire us to get you set up. Lets talk about pitfalls and ways to meet with success.


Clients & Collaborations

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Organized and Efficient

Alecia is an awesome producer! I've worked with her several times on various films. She is highly organized, efficent and always keeping the budget in mind. Her ability to juggle multiple things amazes me. She is such a source of energy and light on set. I know she always has my back - as a producer that's critical!

Madeleine Staszak


Trusted Partner

Alecia has proven to be a valuable creative asset to my company time and time again. Her ability to deliver a highly-polished product on time and on budget has earned her the status of a trusted partner.

Ed O'Donnell

Financial Marketing Communications Specialist

Creative & Resourceful

Alecia was a delight to work with. She was dedicated to her work and handled various daily tasks and larger projects independently, always with an unfaltering can-do attitude. Her personality and on air talent were essential to our ability to connect with our listeners and supporters alike. I would recommend her as a colleague whole-heartedly.

Beth Ready Liles

Communications Specialist

Let's Take Your Project to the Next Level

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