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Voice Over

Natural Mimic Sounding Off

For years, I've been lending my voice to pieces for my own company, the radio and public speaking. I've been lucky enough to expand my voice over work to video games and commercials. Recently I completed a training with The V.O. Dojo to expand my voice over knowledge. What can I voice for you?


Audio Samples

Video Game Ambient 

Mech Warrior Online

Video Game Audio for the AcesWild - Audio used as ambience in the game Mech Warrior Online, commissioned by Aces Wild Aerospace Corps. This audio played in their area of the game as players visited their space.

Film Voice Over

Multi-Level Monster

Spoiler Alert - This is when they here the VO on the TV and see the B-Roll of the bad guy getting their just desserts. For the film Multi-Level Monster by Todd Lykamp.

The Prankster

"Sam" Audition

Audition for the role of a teenage girl who is dealing with the ups and downs of life. 

Blue Forest Health ClubOrsini
00:00 / 02:00

Hold Phone Message

CAI Pledge Line

Welcome and Hold Message to people calling in to make a pledge to NPR station CAI.

Newscast for GBH

NPR Newscast

Live Radio Newscast on GBH, Boston's NPR Station.

This is a live read of of the top of the hour news. I am also the board operator engineering the live audio. Yah I can walk and chew gum at the same time.

Massage Chairs

Infinity Massage Chairs

I have the honor of being the voice of Kyota, the world's most advanced massage chairs. If you want to know which massage chair to choose, you'll hear my voice describing each one on their website and in their ads.

Sweetco NewscastOrsini
00:00 / 00:30
Massage ChairOrsini
00:00 / 01:46
The PranksterOrsini
00:00 / 00:40
Phone MessageOrsini
00:00 / 00:10
Newscast - GBH - NPROrsini
00:00 / 01:33

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